Spiral Flow Jet Mill


Range of sizes designed for throughputs of between 1kg/hr and 100kgs/hr.


Spiral flow jet mills are a type of air microniser suitable for grinding hard and soft materials (of up to a hardness of 10 Mohs) and producing powders generally in the range of 1 to 20 microns. Material is fed into a high-speed vortex, within the shallow grinding chamber, which is created by introducing high-energy air jets through a series of specialist nozzles. Material is ground through attrition within the vortex and is drawn through the central fixed classifier once particles are small enough. The principal applications for this mill type lie in the field of pharmaceuticals and allied products, as well as speciality chemicals where sterile and contamination-free operation is essential.

Features and benefits:

- Products range from 1 - 20 microns

- Low operating temperatures enable heat-sensitive materials to be processed

- Suitable for sterile operations and contamination-free processing

- Simple construction allows easy clean down

- No moving parts

- Manufactured in mild steel or stainless steel

- Replaceable internal jet rings and liners in PTFE, ceramics or other specialised material

More Information:

A PDF datasheet is available for this product

Spiral Flow Jet Mill.pdf (120KB)