Opposed Jet Mill


Range of sizes designed for throughputs of between 1kg/hr and 2000kgs/hr.


Opposed jet mills are a type of air microniser used for the superfine grinding of a wide range of specialist materials when other forms of grinders are unsuitable, particularly in cases where the feed material is hard or already relatively fine and where high purity products, without contamination, are required. Material is ground by attrition by introducing high-energy air jets through a series of nozzles and is combined with an integral rotary classifier wheel. This single unit enables accurate and highly controllable product sizes to be achieved with sharp cut off and a typically narrow size distribution.

Features and benefits:

- Integral forced-vortex classifier provides accurate control of product size

- On-stream adjustment of product size by variable speed classifier rotor

- Generation of superfines controlled by adjustment of jet velocity

- Feed entry configuration allows pre-classification of product prior to milling

- Suitable for handling highly abrasive materials

- Ability to accept some feed stock up to 3mm reduces need for pre-grinding

- Low operating temperatures enable heat-sensitive material to be processed

- Manufactured in mild steel or stainless steel

- Alternative materials available for wear parts and/or mill linings

- Low operational noise levels

- Easy access for clean-out and maintenance

- Negative pressure within the milling chamber provides dust free operation

- Complete with automatic control system


The small, pilot-scale Opposed Jet Mill can be supplied with interchangeable components for conversion into an Aerosplit 100 Classifier System which can be used for the classification by particle size of a wide variety of materials.

More Information:

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