Rotary Classifier Mill


Range of sizes designed for throughputs of between 1kg and 6 tonnes per hour.


British Rema’s Rotary Classifier Mills are integrated mills and classifiers and are designed to provide two distinct grinding sections, one for raw feed and the other for semi-ground material which is returned by the classifier for further processing. This feature provides improved grinding efficiency overcoming the limitations of conventional units in which both feed and oversize returns are ground in a single operation.

Features and Benefits:

- Suitable for milling finished product of 300 microns and below

- Integral forced-vortex classifier provides accurate control of product size
with sharp cut-off

- On-stream adjustment of the product size by variable speed classifier rotor

- Energy efficient operation

- Controlled generation of superfines

- Low temperature milling ideal for products with low melt points

- Interchangeable grinding elements to suit a wide range of applications

- Individually replaceable tool-steel grinding blades

- Rapid and simple access for ease of cleaning and maintenance

- Stator assembly easily removed for cleaning and maintenance

More Information:

A PDF datasheet is available for this product

Rotary Classifier Mill.pdf (140KB)