Multi Wheel Classifier


Range of sizes designed for throughputs of between 500kgs up to 50 tonnes per hour.


For high volume classification of dry particulate materials, the Multi Wheel Classifier’s superior cut and yield performance comes from the use of high-efficiency classifier wheels which are mounted horizontally in a radial configuration. Originally designed to handle high volume and aggressive-wear products in the minerals industry such as calcium carbonate, fly ash, quartz, and zircon, the Multi Wheel Classifier system is more energy efficient for high volume applications and occupies a much smaller footprint than traditional processing solutions, such as multiple single wheel classifiers or large unit air separators.

Features and Benefits:

- Suitable for processing of materials between 1 and 150 microns

- High-efficiency, high volume classification

- Excellent sharpness of cut

- High fines yield

- Can be supplied with 3, 4 or 6 wheels, with each wheel ranging in size from 300-500mm

- Wheels run on direct drives, with inverters linked harmonically, to ensure they run at identical speeds

- Robust construction and build quality for long service life

- Durability is guaranteed by incorporating ceramic tiles for high wear areas such as the high velocity in-feed cone section and by applying specialist coatings for the wheels.