Aerosplit Air Classifier


Range of sizes designed for throughputs of between 5kgs and 10 tonnes per hour


The Aerosplit air classifier is a high-efficiency air-swept classifier suitable for processing dry particulate materials and is capable of handling quantities from a few kilos per hour up to many tonnes per hour. These forced-vortex units are designed to operate either in closed-circuit within a conventional milling system or as an independent, “stand-alone” system incorporating feeder, fan and product-collection equipment. The Aerosplit can be installed in existing air systems with a minimum of modification and will accurately separate products of exceptional fineness over a wide range of feed variations.

Features and benefits:

- Operating particle size range of 1 to 150 microns

- Excellent sharpness of cut

- Precise on-stream control of cut-point by variation of rotor speed

- Low system resistance

- Low power consumption

- Adjustable secondary air system for optimisation of classification efficiency

- Operates under negative pressure promoting dust-free environment

- Robust construction and build quality for long service life

More Information:

A PDF datasheet is available for this product

Aerosplit Classifier.pdf (148KB)