Aerosplit 100 Classification System


Single model suitable for laboratory use, or pilot and small-scale production.
Supplied as a complete integrated system with 'out-of-the-box' plug and play capability.


Suitable for product formulation trials and research and development work prior to full-scale production, the Aerosplit 100 Classification system (formerly known as the Minisplit) is the smallest of the forced-vortex air classifiers and has been developed for research and small-scale production.

Incorporating a feeder, classifier, and product-collection system, it provides very sharp cuts in the range of 1 to 50 microns. It is typically found in pharmaceutical pilot or R&D environments, fine chemical testing and research laboratories, and also in the metal powders, ceramics, and other industry sectors where the separation of high value powders at low volumes is critical to success for processors and manufacturers.

Easily Converts to an Opposed Jet Milling System:

The Aerosplit 100 can be supplied with interchangeable components enabling it to be easily converted to an Opposed Jet Mill system, complete with integral classifier for the particle size reduction of a wide variety or materials. The simple conversion requires only the substitution of a classification chamber in place of the grinding chamber. All integrated ancillary equipment (feeder, product collection system and induced draught fan) remains unaltered. The system has been pre-designed to accommodate the necessary additional controls.

Features and Benefits:

- Operating range from 1 to 50 microns with a feed rate of 1 to 75 kgs/hr

- Excellent sharpness of cut

- Control of mean particle size within 0.5 micron

- Precise on-stream control of cut point by variation of rotor speed and airflow

- Adjustable secondary air system for optimisation of classification efficiency

- User-friendly HMI touchscreen controls

- Operates under suction promoting a dust free environment

- Acoustic materials minimise noise emission

- Compact, portable/mobile

- High-efficiency pleated catridge filters generate airflow and ensure a quick and efficient clean down between products

- Options for mild steel or stainless steel contact parts

- Optional screw or vibrating tray feeders available

- Can be fitted with an optional inert gas purging system and/or containment solution

- Feed and product bin capacities to suit customer requirements

Technical details for the Aerosplit 100 can be found in the pdf datasheet download on the Aerosplit Classifier equipment page