‘V’- Cone Blender


Laboratory to production scale: 5 to 7500 litres capacity

Applications :

This GaMP compliant, traditional, rotary, tumble-action unit with its classic ‘V’ or ‘Y’ shape is ideally suited for mixing and blending in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, pesticides, dyestuffs and fine chemical industries.

Features and Benefits:

- ‘V’ shape ensures good rolling and cross mixing of product giving shorter mixing times

- Cylindrical ‘V’-shaped curves allow easy access to internal areas for easier cleaning

- Main drive provided with variable frequency drive to control blender rotational speed

- Smart-stop arrangement to ensure that the blender always stops in an upright position

- Internal baffles ensure good blending and de-agglomeration

- Guard rails are provided with limit switch for safety

- Various materials of construction to comply with particular industry requirements


Intensifier bars can be fitted to achieve extra shear if required.

Conical adaptors can be fitted with butterfly valves for clamping to an IBC to suit dust-free environments and to facilitate loading and discharge.

Click here to watch a video of a British Rema V Cone Blender in operation.