Single and Double Cone Blenders


Laboratory to production scale: 5 to 7000 litres capacity


The Rema Single Cone and Double Cone Blenders are the industry standard type of equipment for the homogeneous blending of fragile granular products and dry powders. The blenders are widely used in many industrial applications from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to fine chemicals, dyestuffs and pigments, intermediates, animal feeds and foods where attrition needs to be kept to a minimum.

Features and Benefits:

- Double cone arrangement achieves efficient rolling and cross mixing

- Low shear product mixing environment

- Main drive with variable frequency drive to control blender speed

- Smart-stop arrangement ensures that blender always stops in an upright position

- Internal baffles ensure uniform blending and de-agglomeration

- Guard rails with a limiter switch for safety

- Stable A-shaped frame structure for safety

- Various materials of construction to comply with particular industry requirements


Conical adaptors with universal joints for container bin clamping and loading