Ribbon Blender


Range of sizes for throughputs of between 25 and 3000 litres


The Ribbon Blender can be used in either batch or continuous flow form to achieve a homogenous blend of a wide range of materials. It is a widely used style of blender and can be found in the pharmaceutical, food, animal feeds, confectionery, chemicals, fertilizer, plastics, cosmetics, pigments and insecticides industries. It is suitable for the distribution of liquids, fragrances and slightly pasty components in micro dosages onto carriers.

Each unit consists of a horizontally-mounted, U-shaped trough containing a double helix blender bar and a longitudinal shaft of twin-bladed construction. Material is introduced and mixed by means of an agitator. The resultant mixing is gentle but with good shear and impaction.

Features and Benefits:

- Consistent, high shear mixing

- Choice of materials of construction

- Versatility of use on a wide range of materials

- Triple mixing action

- Adaptable for clean-in-place


Design with central or end discharge

Different designs of stuffing boxes