Octagonal Blender


Range of sizes designed for throughputs from 5 to 7000 litres


This octagonal-shaped, slow-tumbling machine is especially suited to more fragile powdered products, where a slower tumbling action it essential so as not to degrade the particle structure. Such products are prevalent in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, pesticides, dyestuffs and fine chemical industries. The design is especially suited to dust-free operations as it can be used in conjunction with dedicated bin charging and discharging systems.

Features and Benefits:

- Special shape permits reduced motor sizes and lower running costs than other designs

- Various materials of construction to comply with particular industry requirements

- A-shaped frames provide stability of structure

- Main drive available with variable frequency drive to control blender speed

- Smart-stop arrangement to ensure that the blender always stops in an upright position

- Internal baffles ensure good blending and de-agglomeration

- Guard rails and limit switch for improved safety