Interchangeable Blender


A single blender base unit with multiple options for interchangeable V Cone, Double Cone, Ribbon, Octagonal and IBC blender bodies for laboratory and small-scale production in a range of capacities between 5 and 100 litres.


The Interchangeable Blender has a unique design which enables the homogeneous blending of multiple granular products, dry powders, and liquids into powders, including fragile and abrasive products of varying densities and batch sizes, whilst meeting exacting process requirements in terms of blending efficiency.

Features and benefits:

- Suitable for laboratory and small-scale production

- Flexible, economical multi-purpose blending in one unit

- Avoids the process compromises associated with over or under filling blenders

- Eliminates the risk of cross-contamination

- Blender bodies are easily interchanged with a simple connection

- Additional blender bodies are kept in storage on a dedicated trolley

- Reduced equipment footprint compared to multiple blenders


An optional RFID system works with the controls package to ensure that only the correct blender body dedicated to a specific product or recipe can be used.

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