High Shear Mixer


From laboratory to pilot plant and production scale 1 to 500 kgs


The Rema High Shear dry mixer and wet granulator is a high shear inline mixer with granulation and emulsification design options that can carry out dry mixing and wet granulation operations in the same bowl in only a few minutes. Optional configurations can produce emulsions and suspensions.

Features and benefits:

- Customised Layout

- Telescopic arrangement to lift main impeller

- Peristaltic pump for binder solution spray

- Pneumatic top lid opening

- Direct-coupled motor for belt-less drive

- Mechanical seals at chopper and main motor

- Suitable end-point controls through torque / load monitoring

- Modem interface for remote troubleshooting


Single-stage rotor/stator mixer for the production of emulsions and suspensions requiring a coarse to medium particle size with a narrow distribution

Multi-stage rotor/stator mixer for pharmaceuticals, plastics and foods

X-Series rotor/stator generator - for the production of sub-micron particles and droplets

Quad Slot mixer for micro emulsions

Solid/Liquid Injection manifold - for the direction injection of solids into the high shear rotor/stator, where it is immediately wetted out and dispersed in to the liquid stream

Flame-proof construction

Vacuum transfer arrangement for product

Product feed via integral mechanical loader