Powder Mixing & Blending

British Rema offers mixing, blending, homogenisation and granulation equipment for powder to liquid applications.

From standard powder mixers to custom-built equipment, working on either a batch or continuous basis, British Rema offers a range of economical, versatile equipment for the homogenous mixing and blending of powders or wet components with different specific weights.

All of our equipment is designed for today's competitive production lines which demand robust equipment that is capable of fast blend times, lower power consumption and ease of cleaning. Designed and built in a choice of industry-standard materials, with a variety of customisable features, our equipment meets the rigorous standards of the food, pharmaceutical, metal powders, minerals and speciality chemical industries.

The various blender/mixer types are outlined below:

Rotating Shape

(also known as ‘tumbling action’ mixers/blenders)
The tumbling action in a mixer/blender of this type encourages particles to roll, cascade and fall as material is lifted beyond its angle of repose and drops to the free surface. These tumble blender units achieve good mixing for free flowing materials.

Different types within this category are: Single and Double Cone Blenders, V-Cone Blenders, and Octagonal Blenders.

Ribbon Blender

Designed to move materials both radially and laterally, the versatile Ribbon Blender provides for gentle mixing with good shear and impaction.

Multi-purpose Interchangeable Blender

As well as dedicated blenders, British Rema also offers an Interchangeable Blender which utilises a common blender base and easily interchangeable bodies to offer a wide range of blending options for flexible, laboratory or small-scale production in one economical unit.

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