British Rema offers a range of drying equipment to suit many different industrial process applications from granulation, mixing and blending, to specialist applications such as the treatment of powdered particulates, suspensions and polymers.

Selection of the correct design of drying equipment when a product is being formulated ensures that issues relating to flow of product and product collection are minimized and that material is effectively dried, conveyed, discharged and transported.

British Rema’s understanding of a wide range of materials and their formulations means that we can advise on the correct form of drying operation, from gentle, circulating air dryers to direct fuel fired rotary drying, where the specific characteristics of a particle’s physical behaviour, its rheology, or its chemistry must be preserved.

Fluid Bed Dryers

Fluid Bed Dryers are especially suited to the gentler drying of free-flowing, sensitive, granular materials such as foods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.