Phillips Kiln Services Europe (PKSE)

Phillips Kiln Services Europe has over 40 years' experience of working with a wide range of thermal and cold rotary equipment, as well as ball mills and associated process plant. Specialising in tyre-mounted rotary vessels, our customers operate in fields as diverse as cement and clay, foods and fertilizers, petrochemicals and plastics.

As experts in thermal equipment design and engineering, the company has developed innovative equipment, and perfected methods and work practices to extend vessel life and maintain optimum mechanical performance: avoiding failure, reducing power consumption and decreasing operating costs.

As non Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we are uniquely placed to provide an impartial support service for all makes of equipment. Our engineers are located across Europe and Africa and we can move staff and equipment quickly and efficiently.

Our services:

PKSE's portfolio of services covers every stage of a rotary vessel's mechanical life, from design, build and commissioning, through its productive life, to its eventual upgrading, re-location or decommissioning.

Services include:

Vessel installation and set-up

In-situ vessel alignment without stopping production

Thrust Monitor alignment service

Shell ovality measurement

Vessel thrust monitoring

Vessel inspection and condition appraisal

Shell section replacement

Seal and gear installation

Gear reversal and replacement

On site supervision of repair work

Custom-made components

Support components

Wear parts and consumables

Roller and tyre resurfacing

Re-alignment and ongoing mechanical performance monitoring

Technical consultancy services

Public and in-house maintenance training seminars

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