Laboratory & Test Facilities

Our laboratory provides particle size analysis facilities and is used extensively by both our contract processing and equipment divisions, as well as providing analytical services directly to customers who do not have their own equipment.

For contract processing customers, quality control procedures, and appropriate measurements and sampling rates, are all agreed in advance. Analytical results are carefully recorded and certificates of analysis can be provided. Where customers require other analysis to be carried out prior to shipment (such as chemical composition), British Rema has close relationships with external commercial analytical laboratories and can control the collation and reporting of data.

The laboratory also plays a key role in the specification of new equipment, where the appropriate equipment parameters and sizing can only be properly determined through the careful trialing and measurement of output using the customer’s actual material.

The laboratory is equipped with a Malvern Mastersizer 2000 and a Coulter LS230 device, as well as air-jet sieving equipment. Together these provide the full range of standard analytical techniques relevant for the determination of particle size distributions in most industries.