Contract Processing

Equipped with a variety of mills and classifiers and supported by our own analytical laboratory, British Rema has experience in handling many diverse materials, from specialist minerals to application-critical composite resins for the aerospace industry. Accredited with ISO9001:2015, we have externally validated quality systems, use standard operating procedures and have a dedicated quality control function.

Contract processing offers our customers a flexible, cost-effective and efficient service. Some customers appreciate the ability to have small samples run and treat us as an extension of their own R&D facilities, valuing the expertise and collaboration of our technical staff. Others have small or intermittent requirements where investment in their own equipment would not be justified. However, with an increasing emphasis on risk management, health and safety, and environmental issues associated with the handling of very fine powders, more customers are electing to outsource their entire powder processing production to us as specialists.

Regular customers include global suppliers to highly-regulated industries such as aerospace and nuclear reprocessing, so we are accustomed to undergoing detailed supplier audits and can provide full product traceability.

We operate a strict Health & Safety Management System, carrying out COSHH analyses and chemical task risk assessments for all materials that we handle, and create Safe Systems of Work for all processes and tasks.

Our customer-base is international with specialist products coming in from North America, Asia and continental Europe. We are accustomed to shipping material to a similarly diverse range of destinations and understand, and can advise on, the regulatory issues involved.

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More Information

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