About us

Founded in 1927, British Rema was an early pioneer in the field of particle size reduction and size control specialising in milling, micronising and classification. Over 50 years the company developed its own range of proprietary powder processing equipment, introducing early versions of the jet mill and various air classification systems, and extending its applications beyond the traditional mineral processing markets into fine chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals to a world-wide customer base.

In the 1970s British Rema introduced its contract powder processing service to provide customers with a practical and flexible alternative to acquiring their own capital equipment when their volume needs were one-off, small or intermittent. Demand meant that this service quickly developed to the point where many customers with complex or specialist requirements outsourced their entire production to the British Rema facility.

In the 1980s British Rema developed a range of its own micronised materials produced to the tightly-controlled size distributions required by today’s industrial chemical and mineral industries, which its Chemical Sales Division now markets internationally.

In 2007 British Rema acquired Powder Technology Ltd, a company supplying a complementary range of processing equipment such as dryers and mixers. This has been fully integrated into the product range and allows our engineers to address a much broader range of industrial particle processing applications as well as interated containment systems when the products are sensitive or hazardous.

Originally a subsidiary of the well-known Sheffield-based engineering group, Edgar Allen, British Rema has been an independent private company since 1980 and is a member of Rema Holdings Group.

In 2013 Rema Filtration was added to the group, joining British Rema Processing, British Rema Process Equipment and Phillips Kiln Services Europe.

All 4 businesses operate in industrial markets, globally, and are characterised by their commitment to technical innovation and the passion to achieve sector leading levels of customer service.

Phillips Kiln Services Europe (PKSE)

Also a member of the Rema Group, Phillips Kiln Services Europe provides technical maintenance services for tyre-mounted rotary process vessels including shell ovality and alignment analyses, tyre and roller re-surfacing, and the supply and installation of spare parts to operators of industrial rotary kilns, coolers, dryers and similar equipment.

Phillips' engineers work closely with British Rema providing site service support and specialist industry knowledge for the repair and maintenance of heavy equipment, especially large-scale ball mills and classifiers.

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Rema Filtration

The latest addition to the Rema Group, Rema Filtration, designs, manufactures and supplies filter media incorporating the latest technology to provide outstanding filtration and adsorption properties even in the most difficult or demanding environments.

Key to this is our unique powder blending encapsulation system that incorporates speciality components such as active carbon into a three-dimensional matrix to ensure that both particulate and liquid or gaseous contaminants are removed in a single process. The result is a product solution that provides superior process efficiency without imposing excessive geometric constraints.

In addition to our standard filter media product range, Rema Filtration also has the ability to offer bespoke solutions based on customers' specific applications when required.

More about Rema Filtration can be found at www.remafiltration.com